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If you have some questions for us we'd love to hear from you, or check out the list of FAQs below which might do the trick...


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Why should I hire someone to design my office?

Designing the right space for your business can save you money, retain and attract the best staff and motivate a more productive workforce. Working with a specialist commercial interior designer can help you assess the best workplace style for your business so you can optimise your physical footprint and potentially save on your rental output. Understanding what is actually important to your staff and knowing what type of environment will maximise their output can increase job satisfaction and boost motivation.


When should I hire a designer?

The simple answer is – as soon as possible! engaging a designer early in the process will provide you with a more positive experience and considered outcome. If you are relocating to a new office, we can even assist in the selection of your new building by providing early test fit space plans to check which site is most appropriate.

How do I prepare for our first meeting?

Just show up with some high-level information about your new office project and an open mind! Some things that we are always keen to know are:

: Are you refurbishing or relocating.

: When do you need to have your new office completed.

: What size is your new office space.

: Do you have a budget in mind.

: Do you have .dwg CAD files or can you obtain them from the landlord.

: How do you like your coffee!


How involved in the process will I need to be?

We always tell the client they can be as involved as much as they like or as much as they can afford to be, we know you have a day job to do so we’ll accommodate you and your availability. In our second meeting, we provide you with a design process program explaining each phase of the project and identify the stages that require your input.

Can we reuse some of our existing furniture?

Certainly! Clients often take some existing furniture to their new office, furniture is one asset of a commercial office that is transferable. Let us know which items you are considering for reuse and we can produce an audit and advise if they will work in your new office design.


Can you redesign existing offices?

Yes, office refurbishments are very common, we can assist with a survey of your existing office space to see if any elements can be reused or recycled in the new design.


Will you show us samples of furniture and finishes?

Yes, furniture and finishes selection comes towards the final phases of the design process, before showing samples and touring showrooms we’ll present our design concepts for your review and approval so that we know we are heading in the right direction.


How will you show us what our office will look like?

Once the furniture and finishes are agreed we can produce 3-dimensional renders of your new office design. *


Can you show me examples of your work?

Absolutely, we’ll present a portfolio of work at our first meeting so you can see what we’ve done and whom we’ve worked with.

I have my own ideas...can we integrate them into the design?

Absolutely, we see all engagements with our clients as a partnership, so we are keen as mustard to work with you to ensure you have the best outcome. If your ideas happen to compromise legislation, we’ll let you know and then work with you to resolve it.

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How do we get started?

Drop us an email…give us a call…send us a carrier pigeon! We’ll come and meet you for an informal chat to learn about each other and your exciting new office project. At that first meeting, we’ll give you an overview of who we are, how we work and what you need to do moving forward, we’re here to guide you through every step so you can focus on the business of doing business!


Do you charge for your first meeting?

No way! The first meeting is an opportunity for us both to get to know each other, learn about what we can offer and see if it’s a project we can both move forward with.


How long will it take to design my office?

Following our first meeting, we’ll create a high-level project program to inform you how long we expect each phases of the design process to last, in addition, we’ll provide you with an estimate of the time required on-site for the construction of your new office which will give you a good indication of when you can expect to move into your new office.


How do you calculate your fees?

Once we understand the full scope of your project, we’ll be in a position to provide you with a fee structure that suits you and your project. Typically, we’ll offer you a lump sum to cover the entire design process, this can be broken down in to manageable payments and invoiced upon completion of each phase. We can also work on an hourly rate; however, this is generally for smaller projects or segments of work such as surveys and audits.


How do you stick to my budget?

During the initial briefing session(s) we’ll quickly get an understanding of your requirements and we’ll be able to gage, using our experience, if your aspirations meet your budget and from that point, we will be in a position to provide design solutions that align to your budget. As the design advances, we’ll advise you to partner with a construction company that will join the project team and provide progressive budgets until the design is finalised and ready to go to tender. However, when it reaches this point nasty surprises are very unlikely because the progressive budgets are introduced to keep you informed of the cost as the design journey develops.


How do I select someone to build my new office?

At the start of the design process, we’ll explain each phase to you and advise when it’s time to select a construction partner, we’ll provide you with a list of appropriate companies that we think are best suited to deliver your new office and our design intent. We’re also more than happy to work alongside any contractors that you may already have a relationship with.


Is there a contract for the design?

Yes, we’ll provide a service agreement contract for the design engagement process which will cover both parties’ interests. When it’s time to build your new office, a new contract will be introduced to cover the construction phase.


Can you assist with compliance and regulations?

Absolutely, we’ll take care of all statutory certification required to ensure your new office is compliant, safe and ready for business.


Can you design to a small budget?

We work on projects of all shapes, sizes and values, once we understand the scope of work required, we can advise you what can be achieved with your budget. If we think your budget is misaligned with your scope and ambition, we’ll let you know.


What is your geographical coverage?

We are based in Sydney, so this is where the majority of our clients are based but we are more than happy to travel interstate across Australia for both new and existing clients. Technology also makes it possible for us to work with clients in other countries and across different time zones.


*Subject to request in fees

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