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Let's shake things up...

To complement our design we offer integrated workplace Design + Delivery, operating 100% open book to ensure you receive exactly what we have designed.

By living and breathing the 'TRUE way' through the entire project journey, we safeguard against re-specification, substitute products and nasty surprises.



TRUE Projects is our group project management and construction company that can coordinate the delivery and build of our design and your new office.

The TRUE Projects team will produce a detailed cost plan and project program that will be updated in line with every design phase throughout the project journey, this will ensure we remain on track and on budget.



Collaborating with Design True and TRUE Projects on your project will enable you to leverage from the consistency and continuity that our integrated approach generates, whilst also ensuring a more streamlined experience and focus on quality assurance.

This unified approach is flexible and fully scalable to accommodate your project requirements. Our designers have a rounded experience of construction knowledge, which means our designs always take into account buildability techniques from the outset to increase efficiency and value for money.


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