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Corporate Office Design

Is Corporate Office Design Always Different from Residential?

There are many important differences between corporate office design and residential, even in spaces that are meant to be extremely comfortable for clients. Therefore, it's important to get designs made by office interior design companies instead of those with a more general approach. This will ensure that key elements of office design are included.

One of the main differences you'll see in corporate office design is that there is typically more space around the furniture. Since every office has at least some periods where everyone is up and walking, even if only at opening and closing time, wide spaces are a requirement. Without them, bottlenecks will arise that not only slow people down, but that can cause them to trip or bang their legs into desks.

Next, the type of furniture is different. Some offices are set up to look like home living rooms, but even there, commercial-grade furniture is needed for durability. The furniture also must be more accessible so that people can use it despite varying physical abilities.

Finally, the overall styles in corporate office design are typically much different from residential ones. Sleek, modern reception desks adorn the lobbies and waiting areas of most corporate space, and in the employees' area, there is almost always a break room. These things are easy for office interior design companies to incorporate, but they would baffle a designer who was used to working on houses.

To get true corporate office design, contact us at This Office Design in Sydney. We'll be glad to work with you to turn your dream of a new corporate design into reality. We even partner with builders to make our designs physical at your location.

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